Differentiating With Science World

Use Science World’s many differentiation tools to customize instruction for a variety of learners. These include knowledge-building videos with closed-captioning, leveled texts, and much more. Whether they’re striving or thriving, your students will get the support they need with these powerful resources.

Background Videos

Instantly capture students’ attention with engaging, ad-free videos that include the option for closed-captioning. Background videos make great prereading activities and build essential core knowledge on topics covered in the magazine.

Videos can be found throughout our site: on article pages, on issue pages, in our video archive, and within each issue’s presentation view.

Leveled Texts

Every feature article in Science World is available at two reading levels. Select the article that you want to read. If the article has multiple reading levels, the options will appear in the toolbar on the left. Choose the preferred level. The Text-to-Speech tool can also be used to read either level aloud.


Science World offers an audio Text-to-Speech tool to assist students in their reading. When a user activates Text-to-Speech, an automated voice reads the article aloud. Each word is highlighted as it is read, and students can control the speed of the reading. To learn more, click here.

Differentiated Lesson Plans

Each standards-based lesson plan in the Science World Digital Resource Guide includes a variety of activities and guiding questions that can be adapted to motivate and engage your students. Three accompanying interdisciplinary assessments are described at the bottom of each lesson.

Skills Sheets

Our standards-aligned, interdisciplinary skills sheets provide a variety of support for different learners. They are easy to print or assign through Google Classroom (or other learning management systems). For more information about skills sheets, click here.

Templates and Graphic Organizers

Help students master science practices and build reading, writing, and critical thinking skills with our library of graphic organizers, including brainstorming tools and reading comprehension activities. These templates and graphic organizers can be used with any Science World article. To access these skills sheets, click here.

Text Sets and Skill Sets

Support and motivate students who can’t get enough of one topic with our text sets, which compile Science World articles on themes like “Climate Change” or “Animal Adaptations.” We also offer an array of resources in our Skill Sets, which provide a collection of skills sheets to target specific science practices, like evidence-based explanations or data analysis.